Your choice

You have the right to use the repairer of your choice

Your Insurer may tell you that you have to use their own Approved Repairer, this is not the case!

You have the right to use the Repairer of your choice. Your Insurer may advise you to use their own Approved Repairer, but the final choice remains with you, the Policyholder. All Insurers have an obligation governed by the FCA to “Treat customers fairly”.

It is best you know ‘who’ and ‘where’ your vehicle is going to.

After an accident

Ensure your vehicle is roadworthy before you drive it again. For example, check that the lights still work, there is no dangerous bodywork that may injure other road users and there are no leaking fluids.

Don’t be bullied

The association of British insurers, The Financial Services Authority and the Office of Fair Trading agree that the choice is yours. There are very few exceptions to this rule.

Claim forms

You will need details of the time and circumstances leading to the accident, make sure you get the third party’s name and address including phone number, vehicle registration and insurance company details.

Collection note

You will be required to sign a satisfaction note confirming that you are happy with the repairs to your car upon collection. This does not affect your legal rights or the provisions in the VBRA code of practice

Insurance excesses and betterment

Your policy excess is the amount that you must pay towards the repair invoice. You will be able to claim this from the third party if the accident was not your fault or if you use an accident management company they will claim this for you on your behalf.

Total loss

Your insurer may choose to write off your vehicle if the damage is excessive. This usually happens when the repair cost is greater than the market value of the car. If this happens the insurer will pay you an agreed amount and dispose of the damaged car.